Best Camera for Beginner Photographers 2018

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Last updated on September 6, 2019 11:33 pm
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? KODAK PIXPRO AZ421 Bridge Digital Camera – 16MP 42X Optical Zoom HD720p

Bridge-style superzoom cameras are highly popular cameras that cater to people who want to try something much better than the point-and-shoot cameras they used to love. While point-and-shoot cameras generally take good pictures in many situations, they lack the added functionality needed for long-range shots and close-ups of interesting subjects.

On the other hand, bridge-style cameras offer better optical zoom and have image stabilization systems that guarantee clear and crisp photos. Bigger than compact cameras, bridge cameras are one step before highly advanced DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. These cameras great for people who want to get serious with photography but wish to settle with easy settings and added features for a start.

If you want to try an outstanding bridge camera that doesn’t have the complexities of a mirrorless camera and a DSLR (with more expensive price, more settings to deal with, and frequent switching from one lens to another), then the Kodak AZ421 will be the right tool for you.


As someone just learning the basics of photography, starting with a bridge camera that does more than just a point-and-shoot will help you advance to more complex cameras with greater ease as you get better.



The Kodak AZ421 features 3 colors: Black, Red, and White. While black is the standard for all classy cameras, red and white may be more appealing to female photographers who want to deviate from the usual camera color.

The Kodak AZ421 weighs approximately 454 grams (body only).


This camera features a 42x extremely long zoom lens that helps you take close-up shots of subjects from a distance – without sacrificing detail and quality. This feature would be useful to you if you plan on doing wildlife photography where it’s not always safe to be near your subjects.


Having a 24mm wide angle lens, you’ll be able to obtain the best picture of a very widescene. More is always better.



The Kodak AZ421 has 16 megapixels. This high pixel count allows you to crop, enlarge and print photos while retaining excellent quality.

In terms of sensor, the Kodak AZ421 features a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) sensor that produces high-quality and low-noise images. However, CCD sensors consume more power so it’s best to bring spare batteries or a charger with you if you plan on taking up to 200 shots in a photography session.



This camera model has no viewfinder but features a big and bright 3 inch LCD screen where you can see your images in real time while you shoot.



The Kodak AZ421 features 720p HD video quality that’s great for shooting scenes at 30 frames per second.


If you enjoy portrait photography or taking group selfies, the Kodak AZ421 features its Face Beautifier shooting mode that guarantees spectacular portrait images at any occasion – weddings, graduation and birthday parties, and other special events.

The Kodak AZ421 includes Photo Touch-Up options that help you look your best – Skin Soften, Red Eye Removal, Eye Enlargement, and Eye Brightening.



Panorama photos are always stunning. They allow you to capture a breathtaking view of a scene and fit the entire view in a single photo. Creating panoramic photographs from an ordinary camera requires extra effort which only a few number of photographers can accomplish. Luckily, the Kodak AZ421 offers a 180 degree Panorama shooting mode that enables you to shoot a scene from end to end – be it a beach, a world-famous valley, or an architechtural scene.



The Kodak AZ421 is not a waterproof camera. However, it can withstand a temperature range of 0° to 40°C and up to 90% humidity.


A camera with a built-in flash would be highly useful for low-light conditions. With the Kodak AZ421, you do not have to purchase an external flash which would require separate batteries. But if you find an external flash valuable, then you can choose to lock down Kodak AZ421’s built-in flash.


The OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is a common feature of a bridge-type camera that ensures less blurry images and videos. The Kodak AZ421 provides you the benefit of not having to rely on a tripod at all times.


This feature would be excellent for portrait shots, low-light landscape photography, or food photography (for food pornographers out there).




Image Compression

Best, Fine, Normal

Other Shooting Modes

Movie, Sport, Beach, Fireworks, Fish Eye, Party, Leaf, Night Landscape, Pet, Children, Sunset, etc.

Shutter Speed

1/2000 ~ 30 Seconds

HDR (best for landscapes, photos taken in harsh sunlight, and dark scenes)


Eye-Fi Compatible


Battery Performance

Approximately 200 shots (based on CIPA standards)


AV-OUT/USB 2.0 (Micro 5 pin USB), HDMI (Type D)


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery LB-060, 3.7V 1100mAh

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9Expert Score

? KODAK PIXPRO AZ421 Bridge Digital Camera - 16MP 42X Optical Zoom HD720p

  • Lots of framing options
  • Sharp and colorful results
  • Broad focal range
  • A bit bulky
  • Slow auto focus
  • No angle-adjustable screen

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20 reviews for Best Camera for Beginner Photographers 2018

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  1. JimM

    Wow, Impressed! I’ve had this camera for a week now and this has to be the best bang for the buck camera I’ve ever used. This is one of those cameras that makes photography fun, especially with it many programmed Scenes like portrait, sport, sunset, fireworks, etc., just set and shoot. Not sure what setting to use? No problem, just set to Auto! HD video is easy to use too. The large LCD screen is very visible and helps with composure and framing. The long reach of the 40X lens gives amazing sharp images. Of of my favorite features is the AA batteries since they are very handy and available most anywhere. If one is on vacation and forgot a charger (or out of the US and charger wont fit), the AA batteries will save the day. A few DSLR cameras now include AA battery adapters for convenience too.
    This is the best sub $300. cameras I’ve ever used. Excellent value at this price.

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  2. unsatisfied

    description in app was a lie. i bought this because it said it uses a li-ion battery and came with the battery and charger and power cable plus it also came with a cd with software and digital manual. got it home and opened the box to discover it didnt have any cables, uses aa batteries and only came with alkaline batteries but has the ability to use ni-mh batteries nor did it have a software cd. i am having a hard time finding the hdmi type d to hdmi cable to use so i can connect it to tv or computer. this is a major fail on behalf of walmart and kodak. i would award this 0 stars if possible. it is definitely not worth the $150 i paid for it. i am calling the walmart customer support about this

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  3. TinaM

    Like a pro. I got this camera on a whim while in the store and because I want to start taking more photos of my family and outings. I like that we now have a camera instead of just using my cell phone., which definitely doesn’t have 40x zoom.

    AA batteries don’t bother me. I actually prefer those to having to charge a battery and possibly miss a moment. This camera takes really nice photos and is super easy to use. I’d recommend it to family and friends for sure.

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  4. TaylorD

    Feature filled camera. I bought this Kodak Pixpro camera because it has a mega zoom lens with 40x power. The photos I’ve taken with the auto setting have all come out great and I am starting to try out the other settings to see how they work. I feel like I got a good deal on this camera because its Kodak and a lot of other camera brands are more expensive and don’t have the powerful zoom lens that this model does. I’m happy with my purchase and am glad Kodak is still around.

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  5. Mike1900

    Solid camera and great brand. I was happy when I saw the Kodak cameras in my store. I chose the az401 because it was the best and top of the line model by Kodak. I’ve had Kodak cameras all my life and trust the brand. It looks like more of a pro camera with the big lens and I can zoom in really close with the 40x zoom. I like that. I also like the fact you can swap out AA batteries so I keep more on hand just in case. It’s super easy to download photos to my computer and share them on Facebook with my friends. You can’t get really great detail in photos with a phone like I can on my az401. I’m sold and am happy I got a Kodak PixPro for myself.

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  6. Nunster

    okay over all. It’s a battery hog so I recommend at least two sets of four rechargeable aa batteries. One good thing is it can hold a couple of pics on it’s own memory if you don’t have a card in it and you need to take a couple pics of a UFO and don’t have time to put the card back into it. Then it has the selection knob on top. So if you turn it off to put a card into to keep taking pics of that UFO. It will stay on the function you had it on last. The really bad part is the lens cover. It does not stay on and there is no other protection for the lens. Then it did not come with a user manual. Just a start up guide. But after playing with it for about an hour. I have pretty much figured everything out. But there is a lot of functions to this camera. So you will have to down load the user guide. Oh and the flash is a little annoying. You can put the flash on auto, but you still have to remember to pop up the flash. But after using it for a day now. I think it will be a good enough video and still camera for me.

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  7. 442olds

    Cost is very reasonable. Nice to handle & ease of use. Cost is very reasonable.

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  8. Cornersouth

    Great bridge camera for the price. Great bridge camera for the price!
    Only thing i wasn’t impressed with was the lens cover. It doesn’t stay on securely.

    And although the neckstrap is on the thin side… it does the job well.

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  9. Videoguy37

    Great Point and Shoot Beginners Camera. The photos are sharp all the way through the optical zoom of 25 to 1. Like all digital zooms the maximum zoom is a bit soft, but usable.

    If you stay within the 25X optical zoom range it is good enough to take your cousin’s wedding with! Each photo is about 4 megs in size. The video is 1280 x 720 dpi, and it is nice and crisp. The color is very good in both movie and still images.

    The camera comes with batteries, but no SD card. I recommend purchasing a 16 or 32, or even 64 gig SD card. This camera also works very well with rechargeable batteries. I got 120 photos and 10 minutes of video with one set of Ni-MH rechargeables.

    Make sure you download the manual as a paper copy is not included. There are 6 buttons on the back. A red one for video on/off. The top right is your MENU button. Click it and navigate through the many options.

    Be sure to set under the MENU your photos to be BEST. It comes set in 640×480 mode (FINE). The BEST gives you a full 16 megapixel image. It makes a difference. It also has a FORMAT CARD feature under MENU.

    The lens cap won’t stay on like a lot of Kodak cameras, but… if you will take a box cutter, make three 1/2 inch long strips, and put a tiny strip of duct tape just in the rim of the lens cap 120 degrees apart on the insides, it will fit like a glove!

    Overall it is well worth the investment. Just remember to purchase an SD card here at Walmart and you are ready to go.

    Use a paint program, or free image utility like IrfanView to make any color corrections you deem necessary.

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  10. ProudFather

    Awesome Camera/Awesome Pics. The price!!!!! The many, many, many different settings and functions that I have used, learned, and haven’t figured out yet. But, the camera is great. A great,low price-high function camera for beginners that can still take amazing high-quality photos. Only downside is the use of AA batteries. So, always carry extra.

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  11. leny92

    Best camera. It takes beautiful pictures i love it. I cant believe i got this. I was so happy and im happy. I use to have an old kodak but this one is really great. I really recomend it

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  12. PauR

    Great quality. A lot of things for so little. Great quality for the price.

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  13. Nicko

    GOOD. Its worth 175 dollars for all that it has,really good camera takes good picture

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  14. Feather

    My mom likes this for her birthday. I got this for my mom for her birthday and she likes it

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  15. DaddyTanner

    Perfect gift for beginners. Awesome value! You get a whole lot for the price!

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  16. Epictwinmommaa

    So far so good. *Please note that I just received this camera today. I will update this review in a couple months after I’ve had some time to play with it and experiment with different settings.*

    First off, one thing that has worked like a gem is the zoom. I was able to get incredibly clear shots from approximately 100 feet or so away. (And that wasn’t even at full zoom!) While zoomed in, the camera is a bit slow to react to movement and focus but it’s manageable.

    The battery came fully charged which was refreshing but I only played with my camera for about 20-30 minutes before putting it on the charger.

    There are a couple of things that I don’t like about the camera. The lens cap fits a bit too loose than how I’d like it to and the neck strap seems very cheaply made. I do plan on replacing it. Finally, the camera only comes with a quick start guide which pretty much tells you how to turn it on, what each button is for, and how to identify parts on the camera. I had to go online to find the owners manual.

    Other than that, the camera seems to be perfect for what I needed it for and I really hope I can take it with me to concerts because I don’t doubt its abilities in taking BEAUTIFUL pictures of bands even if I’m far away. 😉

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  17. 082751

    Kodak AZ421. My budget could not stretch to a DSLR and this, so far, appears to fit my bill. It’s easy to use. The power of the Zoom is very good. Can’t say I am a great fan of the user manual being online, which makes it harder to learn the operation of the camera.

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  18. TW

    Pay a little more and get something better. I thought this had features pretty close to the Powershot. But it is not. The pictures were no better than my cheapie point-and-shoot. Very discolored, grainy, distorted pictures. I tried out multiple settings and nothing looked clear. I took it back and paid $70 more for a Canon Powershot that was on sale. Hopefully, that will work better.

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  19. Jhali

    A pleasant surprise. A well made easy to use camera with rechargeable battery that rivals brands for hundreds more. If you can forgo low light photography this fits your needs.

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  20. Vking

    Arrived earlier than expected. Love the camera. Didn’t come with manual had to download one.

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    Best Camera for Beginner Photographers 2018
    Best Camera for Beginner Photographers 2018